In today’s market there are more people choosing to “keep their homes and renovate” instead of “selling and moving.” As a contractor, you can take advantage of this and we want to help you!

Please take a few minutes to read this message and watch our videos. I promise it could be the most profitable few minutes you have had in a long time.

There are a lot of home owners in your market that want to add on to their homes or remodel them. Their house just is not what they need it to be. The problem is, they do not have the equity or cash to do it. The InterLinc Renovation Lending Program solves this problem.

Just imagine what your business would be like if your clients could get the money to completely renovate their home and they paid you within 10 days of your billing on each draw request you made. You could complete the entire job not worrying about the money. Every payment is made, On Time and As Agreed. You could do what you need to do without cutting corners or skimping on quality because the clients can’t afford it. With our program they can.

What we provide for you will not cost you a dime.

InterLinc Renovation works with both a purchase and a refinance transaction. *InterLinc will lend your clients enough money to purchase their new home, or payoff their current mortgage, plus the money to pay you for their renovation. We do this in one, low interest 30 year fixed rate mortgage.

Interlinc Renovation Lending also has an in-house designer to help your clients plan out their renovation. Our designer will give you a complete scope of work with all material types and quantities listed. You no longer will be wasting time trying to get your customers to make up their mind and hoping that what they chose is really what they want. Our designer will demonstrate through computer graphics to the clients what the house will look like once complete. If any changes are needed they can make the change before you ever drive a single nail.

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To learn more about renovation lending and how we are dedicated to help home buyers, home sellers and renovation contractors, click through our website and read each page. You will be impressed with how simple we make a very difficult process. Renovation lending is all we do and we are good at it.

The next time you have a customer who asks you “how do they get the money to hire you,” share with them this website. Together we will help you increase your business and your profitability!

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*Disclaimer: “property appraisal and loan to value requirements must be met. Ask your InterLinc loan officer for details”