You don’t need to fix up your home to sell it!

No need to roof it, paint it or repair it. According to industry figures, you will only recoup 60 cents of every dollar you spend and in most cases you could have sold your home for the same price with or without your efforts had it been marketed and priced properly.

Unfortunately, people will spend a lot of hard earned money updating their home in hopes that they can get more money for it when they sell, which  forces them to list the home for  a higher price and eliminating a large portion of potential buyers who are not in that higher price market. The buyers who do qualify for the higher price range,  may also  look elsewhere, because  the colors, quality or workmanship is not to their liking.

The best thing to do is - to do nothing! Let the buyers do it all!

Have your realtor list your home as a “Ready4Renovation” property.  InterLinc Renovation Lending offers this program to help people sell their homes quicker, easier and with less hassle using Interlinc Mortgage Services’ renovation mortgage loan. The Interlinc Renovation Mortgage will give the buyers  the money to purchase the property and  complete any renovation work they may want to do.*1Our Ready4Renovation marketing system is a web-based video prepared on your home that is a lot like HGTV or the other home improvement shows. This video will  show your home as it is now then transition it through a professional design to simulate what it could look like after renovation . By having this done on a video instead of in real life, the prospective buyer is able to make changes and see the results on  the video.  The biggest benefit  is, you as the seller did not have to spend every weekend and tons of money remodeling a house you are about to sell.

With the InterLinc Renovation Services Ready4Renovation program, your realtor will get the power of the professional video, a yard sign stating “Renovation Financing Available for this Home” and  flyers, brochures and a listing on the website .

Using InterLinc Renovation Lending is a powerful way to sell your home and buy your next one.

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How the renovation process works for sellers:

The first thing to do is to make sure you share with your realtor this amazing system to help sell your home.

Contact our Ready4Renovation designer or  InterLinc Mortgage Loan Officer to tell them that  you want to market your property using the Ready4Renovation system.

The InterLinc Designer will ask you several questions regarding your home. They will also request several pictures of your home and the interior layout.

A six minute video will be produced showing the “before” and “after” renovation of your home.

This video will be in a format that your realtor can use to market your home through several different websites and social media websites. It helps buyers see what the possibilities could be, and you do not need to pick up a paint brush or do any “fix-up” work.

InterLinc Renovation will provide a yard sign to be placed alongside of your realtor’s sign. This helps open up the market to additional buyers as they drive through the neighborhood they would like to live in.

Once a purchase contract  is signed, the  buyer will consult with the InterLinc Renovation Lending Designer to determine exactly what they want done.  A scope of work will be completed.

The  home buyer will then show your home to their contractor to obtain bids for the work they want done.

Once the bids are complete, InterLinc Mortgage Services will request an appraisal to see what the house will be worth after the renovation work is completed. InterLinc Mortgage can  lend up to 96.5% of a home’s “After Improved Value”.*2This potentially opens a huge market for your realtor to sell to.

As each of these processes are moving forward, the InterLinc Loan Officer is working with the home buyers to get their mortgage loan request  submitted and approved. Once approved,  closing is scheduled based on the purchase contract closing date.

The purchase transaction and the mortgage loan closes as scheduled.
The process is complete for the sellers.

Pricing your home to sell as a Ready4Renovation Property:

Pricing your home for the maximum amount while not overpricing it for the target market is more of an art than a science

How to price a home that needs work:

Effective pricing means your home in its current condition can be compared to a home is pristine condition.  The benefit is, when your home is effectively priced it opens it up to a larger market, one that the higher priced home in pristine condition will miss out on.

Here is the formula for pricing a Ready4Renovation Property

1. What would your home be worth if it was in pristine condition?----------------------------------------------------------------------------- $165,000
2. What repairs or renovations need to be done to bring it to pristine condition  
  a. New Roof ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $7,200
  b. New Carpet ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $4,600
  c. New Paint --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $1,000
  d. New Windows ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $6,000
Subtract the work needing to be done from the top of the market price and this is your effective list price. ------------------------ $146,200

If you were to invest the money to fix all of the items listed, you might sell the home for a higher price, but, you usually only get 60 cents for each dollar spent. What this means is, you spent $18,800 and in most cases only realize a $11,280 increase in sales price. Overall, you would have wasted $7,500 and a lot of time and effort.

It is far better to price your house as it is, do nothing to it, and let the buyers renovate it as they wish - after they own the home.

The InterLinc Renovation Mortgage will give them the  money to purchase your home as well as renovate it after they own it.


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*1This is not a commitment to lend; programs, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice; other restrictions may apply

*2This is not a commitment to lend; credit and collateral subject to approval