What is a Renovation Mortgage?

As a realtor, this could be your secret tool that helps you sign more listings as well as sell more homes. Let me share with you why.

Avoid having prior to close appraisal requirements – The house could be in shambles with broken windows, missing roofing shingles, peeling paint and structural damage. Your sellers can sell this home to a first time home buyer with as little as 3.5% down and not have to spend a dime on the house.A renovation mortgage will help your sellers sell their home without having to do a thing to it.  A renovation mortgage through Interlinc Mortgage Services will finance both the purchase as well as the cost of the renovation all in one low interest, 30 year fixed rate mortgage.*1

The home buyers can renovate the home exactly as they want it to be after closing with ample funds to get all the work done by professional contractors.

If you were the seller of a property who did not have the money or time to fix up your  home, would you choose a realtor that needs to have a whole list of repairs done, or would you choose a realtor who says “leave it like it is, don’t spend a dime on this house” and market the home as a “Ready4Renovation” property?

It just makes sense and sellers understand the benefit of not spending money on a house they are selling. Buyers love the fact that they can choose the improvements they want, not what the seller thought they wanted.

Helping your buyers and sellers with the InterLinc Renovation Mortgage is the smart way to buy and sell.

To learn more about how to use and benefit from our Ready4Renovation system, go to  www.ready4renovation.com

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*1 This is not a commitment to lend; credit and collateral subject to approval; other restrictions may apply.